"Easydrill is tailor made for directional drillers. It's accurate ,fast and simple to use. Ideal for rig floor directional calculations, especially its anti-collision facilities. You won't regret having Easydrill."

Nezar Afshar (BHI dir. driller) email

"I have been using the Easydrill program for two years now. It has elevated my ability as a directional driller to new heights. It is fast, accurate and can be used on the rig floor at all times. Every bit of information necessary for drilling any well is available instantly. This is especially helpful when drilling for operators that are demanding 4,000 plus feet per day and small horizontal targets and there is no time to go down to a computer. All decisions have to be made at the rig floor instantly. With this tool, it's all possible now. When the company man asks how far you are from the line, with the punch of a few buttons, you can tell him exactly how far away the well bore is from the line, or from existing wells. The hydraulics calculations are very accurate. You can put in the numbers for the pressure drops of the motor and MWD as they actually are, as opposed to what the manufacturer specifications are, therefore being able to maximise hydraulic efficiency. I highly recommend this tool for all directional drillers.
As a coordinator I want all my directional drillers to be using this tool. It is easy and accurate to use."

Bill T. Womack Jr. email
BHI Directional Drilling Coordinator Shell EA project, Nigeria

"In my opinion, Easydrill will make any directional driller a better one. It is quick, user friendly and very well written. My favorite part of the program is the projection aspect, with a built in Ouija board, you can calculate your next slide and rotational intervals, see where that will put you, then do a numerical comparison with the actual well plan.  All in a few keys strokes, and all with proven
accuracy, and the whole time this is done on a rugged HP calculator on the drill floor.  It is easy to run, and it really works, from beginning DD's to the most experienced DD's, I see drillers buying Easydrill whenever they see the program in action.  I suggest for anyone in this business to give this program a try.  It is well worth it"

Tim Lagonegro (BHI DDrilling Coordinator) email

"I've been using Easydrill since 1994. Over the years I've used and seen various programmes run by directional drillers on hand held programmable calculators. This is the best directional drilling programme I've run across for a many reasons three of which I've mentioned below:
1.The projection routines are superb. This has enabled me to drill complex 3-D wells while staying on plan effortlessly. With a couple of keystrokes Easydrill will pinpoint your position with respect to the plan. You are told where you lie i.e left/right, above /below and how many degrees you are ahead or behind on azimuth and inclination.
2.Being ROM based the programme is virtually indestructible and can be moved from one calculator to another:  reprogramming is not an issue.
3.It is user friendly, fast and enables quick informed decisions to be made at critical junctures of a well.

I've not seen a more comprehensive hand held directional drilling programme. The programme is also superior to many PC programmes I've run. Easydrill delivers the right data in the right format when and where needed. All the DD's I've introduced the programme to have gone on to buy one."

Hamish Maclean (Operations Manager, Pathfinder, UK) email

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