Purchasing and Registration


NOTE: I recommend you purchase your HP50g from http://commerce.hpcalc.org/

From this site you may also purchase your HP50g with Easydrill pre-loaded. There is a loading fee of US$25 which must be paid directly to the seller of the calculator. The cost of the license ($375) must be paid directly to myself using the Paypal link found at the bottom of this page. Please contact the owner of the site for further details (eric@hpcalc.org) or you can order directly from this page: http://commerce.hpcalc.org/buy.php
Note:  1. You Pay for the license directly to me using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page
            2. You Pay for the calculator, loading fee and shipping using the link above.

Price for registering the HP49G+/HP50g version is $375. Upon receipt of payment confirmation and the internal serial number (see below) of your calculator, you will promptly be emailed the activation code. For those of you who would rather not try to communicate the calculator to the PC,   YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN SD CARD.  Go to the bottom of the Downloads page for further instructions.

NOTE: Installation from the card is very simple and dispenses the need to connect to the PC, however, after installation the card is no longer needed to run Easydrill. If you wish to install Easydrill yourself directly into your HP49g+/HP50g (without using the SD memory card), I will provide you detailed instructions including live phone assistance if needed!. Whether you install from the PC or from the SD card, you must obtain the internal serial number in order to register the program (see below).  

Obtaining the INTERNAL serial number of the calculator:

The Serial number of the calculator, for registrations purposes, is NOT the number stamped on the back of the calculator.
To obtain the INTERNAL serial number, follow this procedure:
With the calculator ON press the + and - (minus) keys at the same time with your left thumb and while doing this insert  the blunt end of a paper clip into the reset hole in the back of the calculator (right next to the stamped serial number) push reasonably hard till the screen goes blank and hold this position for 3 seconds.  While still holding the + and - keys pressed release the pressure on the paper clip and wait 3 more seconds, relese the + and - keys.  The internal serial number will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  To return to normal calculator operation reset the calculator through the reset hole again.

Click on the checkbox on the lower left for access to Paypal in English,
The purchase amount must be typed in,
The payment will be made to ana garcia

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