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Easydrill Manual:
Download the manual in HTML format. Once installed in your computer, you will be able to easily view the manual off-line using the Internet browser in you computer
Note: The zip file contains folder information. When you open it a dialog box will open requesting that you specify the destination, you should type "c:\" (without the quotes) and the files will be extracted to a folder called c:\manual. A shortcut to the manual will be placed on your desktop as well.
Last Update: Wenesday, May 19, 2004

HP49g Emulator:
This is the HP49 emulator with Easydrill pre installed. extract to your C:\ drive and the files will be automatically stored in a folder called Emu48. Furthermore, a shortcut to EMU48.exe will be placed on your desktop. THIS DOWNLOAD TEMPORARILY DESABLED. SEND ME AN EMAIL AND I WILL EMAIL YOU THE FILE
First update: Jan 15, 2001
Latest Update: February 27, 2001

HP 50g/49g+ Version 50.3  Use this version if you wish to transfer the Easydrill files using your PC and HP's Conn4x software
Download this zip file and read the INSTRUCTIONS.htm file within the zip file for installation instructions.

HP 50g/49g+ SD Version 50.3  Use this version if you wish to use an SD card to transfer the Easydrill Files. To do so, Use any size SD card up to, but no larger than, 2 GB and a USB SD card Reader/Writer (All modern PC's come with a slot for an SD card) Transfer the files L776, L777, L778 and Install (4 files) from the zip file to the SD card and follow the included instructions.

Also have a look at the manual addendum.pdf file for details of each version.
First update: Jan 15, 2001
Last update : October 2, 2011

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